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Gmail Login: The word ‘Gmail’ is very popular and nowadays everyone knows about this email service. Previously, Gmail is available by the only invitation, but with the increase in usage it is now available so easily and you can quickly sign up for an account wherever you want. We can say that it is most popular email service in the world. The Gmail Login Process is simple and now the creating of account is also very easy. To login to Gmail Email, first, you need to create Google Account. By the Google account, you can get access to Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Android Play Store and much more.

Many of the smartphones will ask Google account details when you are using for the first time. Not only this, to experience videos on YouTube app and if you want to download any app or games from Google Play Store or in Apple App Store, you have to enter Google Account details. After creating Gmail account you can send emails, receive emails, create an address book, block spam, and many more basic email tasks. With its unique features, it becomes one of the most popular email services on the web. We have furnished the simple Login Process below.

Introduction to Gmail Login Process

Gmail Login

Gmail is a free and advertising support email service on the web developed by the Google. Today, this email service comes with storage capacity of 15 gigabytes and users can receive emails in their account up to 15 megabytes in size and send emails up to 25 megabytes. It also includes attachments which can files, photos and videos of the prescribed size. In case if you want to send larger files, you have to insert files from Google Drive into the email.

It is a user-friendly service which is developed using simple User Interface (UI). One of the main features of Gmail is that the mail servers automatically scans the emails for multiple purposes and also includes spamming, blocking of malware. It adds context sensitive advertisements next to the emails. It has one billion downloads across the world. And it was the first to hit the one billion downloads in Google Play Store on Android devices.
This Gmail email service is accessed by creating Google Account and it offers many services of Google only to the registered users. The Google Sign in Process is very easy and free and naming of new Gmail account is the first step of the signup process. This means, whenever you signed into your Gmail account you will automatically sign in to Google account. The creating of Google account is also the part of Google+ and other Google social networking services. To Create Gmail Email Account you need to follow some basic instructions.

How To Manage Google Account

Nowadays many of the smartphones support multiple online accounts. This means you can control which account you use and when. Both on mobiles and desktops, users can easily toggle or switch between different accounts quickly and also easily. For example, you can add another Google account when you are signed in to your main account and you can even switch back to your other accounts.
This makes easier for different people in your family or friends to check their mail accounts or access their apps without sign in and sign out the main account. Once you have successfully set up a primary or main account, you can easily add accounts in the settings on the device.

Some Interesting Gmail Login Features

There are many features are available currently in the email service. Among them, with the following useful features offered by Gmail, you can able to make email experience so smooth and easy.

Conversation View: whenever you send and receive emails with another person about a specific topic or event, a Gmail conversation occurs. By default, Gmail gathers these emails together and keeps in your inbox with more organized way.

Spam filtering: Gmail uses this advanced technology to keep out the spam in your inbox. Spam is another name or also known as junk email. Most of the spam contains malware can automatically send to the separate spam folder and it is deleted after 30 days.

Built-in chat: instead of sending an email now you can send an instant message to anyone or even you can use voice and video chat feature.

Call phone: It is similar to voice chat feature. But the difference is that you can directly dial an actual phone number to call anywhere in the world. You can make calls to other countries at very low rates.

Gmail labs: through these Gmail labs the Google introduces experimental add-ons and other features. This will let to choose which feature you want to use while it is still being developed. To Turn on Labs feature through Labs tab “Go to the settings menu” in the desktop browser.

Search: Users can search through Talk transcriptions and saved the email with Google same as you are searching for web pages. Automatically Google stops the searching function through trash folders and spam. You can get results which are more relevant.

Storage Space: We can say that the Gmail become more popular by giving its users more storage space. Instead of deleting old messages you can simply archive them. Today, the Google Storage space is shared across various Google accounts which also include Google Drive. The free storage space available across on all accounts is 15 gigabytes and in case if you want more additional storage space you can buy it.

IMAP and POP: Gmail offers free IMAP and POP which are internet protocol that most of the desktop readers use them to retrieve email messages. It means users can use programs like Apple Mail or Outlook to check Gmail account.

  • You can archive your mail for quick searches.
  • You can check Gmail on your mobile or you can get notifications of new messages on your desktop.
    To organize your mail, you need set up filters and labels in the settings.

How to Sign In to Login on Web

As we mentioned above, in order to sign in to your Gmail you need to enter username and password that you provided for the Google Account. If you are lazy to type a password every time you logged in, you can just save it your browser by clicking save option when you get a pop-up box. In case you forget the password of your account, it’s easy to recover to Gmail password by clicking forget password option. The following are the Steps for Gmail Login Process on the web.

  • First, go to where you can find the sign in option just on the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  • It redirects you to Gmail sign in page and now you have to enter your username or email (for example- in the provided text box and click on next button.
  • Now you have to enter your password. Don’t freak when your password appears like *****. For security reasons, the letters and numbers of your password will appear like that.
  • You can Stay Signed checkbox option. If you selected that, you no need to re-enter your password whenever you sign into your account. You won’t able to constantly interrupt and makes your future sign in process easier and faster.

Steps For Gmail Login in Apps

Users can access their Gmail account on the official website or you can use first-party or third-party apps and other services instead. The Gmail Account Process on these apps is also easy and you need to follow some steps.

  • For your Gmail account, you have to enable 2-Step Verification option.
  • Now create an app specific password.
  • Use that app specific password to sign in to your Gmail account instead of typing your real password. If you try using your real password, you can get the ‘Password Incorrect’ error.
  • Login Process of Gmail Account (Multiple accounts at once)
  • Users, who are having more than two accounts such as personal or banking account, you can use multiple sign-in options.
  • With this multiple signs in option, you can switch between your accounts without a need to sign out and back to sign in the page.
  • You can choose either Gmail account to login or add Session to Gmail login Account.

Steps for Gmail Login in Android Phone

All the Gmail users are allowed to add the multiple accounts in your Gmail application without signing out from your previously logged in account. It provides you the service of adding multiple accounts to your Gmail as per your requirement. The Gmail Login Process on Android devices is as follows:

  • First of all, you need to find the Gmail icon on your Android mobile.
  • By default, you are already logged into your Gmail account which you have given your Google account details when you sign up in your phone for the first time.
  • In order to add additional Gmail account, go to the Account Settings on your phone.
  • Then select add account option where you can find manage Google Accounts option.
  • Next select Exiting option to sign in to your account which you already have.
  • Now you need to type your email address.
  • Follow the screen instructions and complete the process. If you want to do 2-step verification, you have to do an additional sign-in process.

Steps for Gmail Login in iPhone and iPad

The Gmail Login Process for iPhone and iPad is almost same as we done to the Android devices. But in the Apple devices, there will be different options than compared to Android devices. The login process is also very easy on iPhone and iPad. However, users are allowed to add the maximum of five accounts to the Gmail app in iPhone and iPad. The following is the signup process in the Apple devices.

  • Users need to open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select the Menu icon in the application.
  • Then go to the account settings field.
  • Select manage accounts option where you can add multiple accounts to your app from your phone.
  • Select Add account option and enter the other account details like username and password in the provided fields.
  • Then sign in to your other account.
  • Like this, you can add the maximum of five accounts to your Gmail app.
    Problems when signing into your Gmail Account.

Most of the common problem that one can face while signing into the Gmail account is insecure connection ‘http’ and an incorrect password. For security reasons, Gmail needs secure connection i.e., ‘https’ to access your mail and to keep your mail safe. One has to remember that Gmail Login password is case-sensitive. You have to beware of Caps lock key because the password characters are unreadable. Google will show you the error message in case your sign in the process fails. Follow the Google instructions to get rid of login error.

How to securely Sign out from

Logging in or signing in to your account is very easy but the problem arises when you are not securely done sign out. In case, if you are using the computer which is not yours, it is important to log out Gmail account properly after you are done with your work using it. If you are using Gmail at any internet centers and out logged out it may lead to hacking or theft.

The signing out process is also easy and can be done by using following steps:

  • Head over to on your browser. If you get the direct login page, you can stop there means you have already logged out.
  • If not, on the top right corner of the screen click on your profile picture.
  • A dropdown menu appears and at the bottom of the dropdown menu, you can find sign out button.
  • Click on that to sign out of your Gmail account.
  • Once you clicked on the sign out option, you will be redirected to Gmail login page. Now you securely signed out from your account.
  • Users have to know that the Google has started to block the less secure apps to access the Google account since April 2014. For security reasons, Google has come up with this decision to block the less secure apps. Below are the lists of applications that are affected due to the change.

Some third-party applications on Android devices.

  • The mail app on Apple devices iPhone and iPad having iOS 6 or below.
  • The mail app on Windows phone which is previous to Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Some desktop mail clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook are affected due to the change.
  • Don’t worry those who are using less secure apps on your mobiles. We have gathered the useful information regarding finding a solution to your problem. Check out the following are the options that might work for less secure apps.
  • If you are not enabled 2-step verification option for your Gmail account, you can change the less secure apps setting option to enable in security settings.
  • Users can try to enable the 2-Step Verification setting and also generate an app specific password by following instructions that we have mentioned above.
  • After doing this, login to your account.
    Now you can switch to different program or service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Gmail put Ads on messages?
A. No. Currently, there are no advertisements appearing on Gmail messages on the Android devices. Gmail is sponsored by the Adsense ads. These ads appear on the side panel of email messages only if you are opened them from within Gmail website. Unlike other competitors, Gmail doesn’t put ads on your mail messages and also doesn’t cause a problem to outgoing emails on your Gmail Login account. Users have to remember that these ads are only computer generated and are not placed by any humans.

2) Can we sign in to multiple accounts at once?
A. Yes. If you are having more than one Gmail Login account, you can use multiple sign-in options to switch between your accounts. With this, you no need to sign out the previous account and sign in back.

3) Can I change my account information?
A. Yes. You can change your account information at any time just by logging into your Gmail account. First, you need to sign in to your account, go to the settings and change whatever you want. But choose the right information you want to edit and compulsory follow the screen instructions.


Hope you guys got the very useful information regarding Gmail Login Process. Follow the above mentioned steps both on desktop and mobiles and enjoy the Gmail services. Add your multiple accounts to your device and operate them at a time. Besides providing basic information on creating Gmail account and login process we have given you the sign out process. We hope this information will help you and got the solution for your queries.

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